About Me

Well, first off, my name is Chris. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. The tuner scene here is small, but it is growing.

I am a design engineer for a company in Florence, Kentucky. I earned my degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Cincinnati in 2006. Most of my theoretical knowledge about cars was gained during my education at UC, while most of technical knowledge was gained through experience. I participated in the Formula SAE competition, which also taught me more and helped me gain experience in machining and fabricating parts. I also had a co-op job with GE Aircraft Engines, which gave me a lot of knowledge in design, manufacturing, and testing. Obviously, it also taught me a lot about aerodynamics. GEAE is also the only company in the world to manufacture composite fan blades and cases. Working on their design teams gave me huge insight into composites and other exotic materials. I have tried to apply all of this knowledge to my car and I will pass most of this information on to you.

My AE86 (I call her Allison) is my first project car, but it certainly won't be my last. I also have plans for my '88 Corolla (Rachel) - an AWD 3S-GTE swap. After I graduate, I'd like to get a Supra and an SC400 as well.


to my parents for letting me use their garage,
to my girlfriend for understanding why I neglect her sometimes,
to all my friends for their help building the car,
and, of course, to God for giving me the ability to do this.

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