The future of the Superhachi

Here is the new setup for the AE86. It is a fully built Silvertop 20V 4A-GE. I'm keeping the same turbo, but increasing the downpipe and exhaust diameter to 3.5" (from 3"), which I'm pretty sure is a first. I'll be using the factory ITBs with a custom made intake manifold and bumping the intercooler piping to 2.5" (from 2"). I'll be using custom molded sideskirts and a J-Blood rear bumper molded to match the N2 kit. The roll cage has been expanded with four more attachment points (two firewall, two at rear shock towers) to stiffen the frame. The cooling system uses custom made stainless steel water lines and a 4AGZE thermostat housing to convert the 20V from front wheel to rear wheel orientation. More mods to come.

Mock-Up Pictures

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